Building and maintaining secure, reliable client networks

Empirical Networks has securely managed IT networks and enterprises for communities, government and businesses since 2001. Serving clients throughout the Midwest and Southwest, the company provides managed IT services, help desk response at all levels, network monitoring, vendor management and an array of IT-related support services 24/7. Our clients are supported by seasoned engineers who partner with clients under a level payment plan that assures budget stability and provides essential IT services.

Empirical Networks contracts to meet clients current and ongoing needs, providing expert management of IT resources, assuring data and network security, assuring backup and storage continuity and aiding in their infrastructure development--all based on client needs and budget. Company engineers collaborate with clients' IT teams to achieve the service and support levels required to maximize enterprise efficiency. Clients focus on their core needs with the assurance that Empirical Networks is monitoring, managing and supporting their IT operations.

Since 2007, Empirical Networks has served its clients from the technologically and physically secure facility at 2323 Bryan in downtown Dallas. The facility hosts some of the largest IT and telecommunications companies in the nation, offering Empirical Network clients cost-efficient access to unlimited broadband, networking and Internet gateway opportunities.