Services >> Network & Data Security

To secure our clients' networks, we assure their defense against intrusion, as well as data loss, corruption or theft. We secure access to their computers, printers and storage. We stop attacks at the points of entry because one infected computer can corrupt another. It's best to keep the intruder outside the gate. But threats come from the inside as well. That means we determine who gets access to what computers, what hardware and what information. All data whether transmitted or stored is encrypted.

At Empirical Networks, we believe access is a privilege that is clearly defined. In collaboration with our clients we authenticate all users. That means there is no unauthorized access by users on either side of the firewall. Through constant surveillance, we check for malware, suspicious traffic, and anomalies that could precede a denial of service attack. Our early warning tools (honeypots) help us know an attack is coming. Our communications are encrypted, our commitment to privacy is constant and our clients are secure.