Services >> Network Planning & Administration

We design networks to meet client needs. To do that effectively, Empirical Networks builds a design at the client's request to accommodate business or operations requirements, forecasted growth and ongoing administrative obligations. We forecast how the network will operate, project the cost, and provide technical details regarding the network's capabilities. We ensure that the network will perform as required for its intended life-span. Clients will know transmissions costs, routing plans, performance criteria and levels of reliability before the network is turned up. Once active, a network must survive and thrive. Our planning makes that possible.

With proper planning, network administration maintains the hardware, software and connections that comprise a thriving network. The routine but essential chores of assigning network addresses, routing protocols and user authentication are performed to client specification. If needed, PCs, printers, file servers and gateways are maintained as well. Security administration, a constant commitment, lets our clients know what is happening in each connected system and who is responsible in each case. Failsafe is our administrative watch word.